Casting Calls for Build a Ship

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It was late July, and I was healing nicely. The collar bone over my right shoulder looked like one side was eating the other. A couple weeks before I’d gone heels over head on my bike and the next day, had to cancel a casting session we’d planned. But bones heal and no one noticed, that I wasn’t really using that arm during the audition.

I’d secured a space through a small work barter, so one Saturday, Antonio, Jon and I sat in the gallery space behind Tiny’s Coffee on MLK, meeting with everyone Q6 had to throw at the project. We pulled the waiting room into the space, so actors weren’t so shut out and we didn’t need someone waiting with a clipboard. All together now.

We had 6 roles, I’d written some of their best scenes in monologue form. Well, mostly monologue. Definitely 2 person scenes where I person was doing most of the talking. Our idea was to write for the next step. The pilot was at that point in it’s 2nd or 3rd draft and these were selects, that I expanded to be more telling of who these people were.

I sent these sides to the agent in advance, but sadly, very very few people read or rehearsed them. All that potential greatness, lost. The great excuse was they couldn’t open the google doc. I’m not sure how that’s possible. At some point, I would’ve fallen in love with anyone who showed any sign of serious preparation.

I’d love to figure out how many people someone has to see before they find the people to fill out their work, people who inspire and are interested in the subject matter as much as the job. What we did find over the coarse of the 3 weekends wasn’t so much the perfect people for these roles. We found a love of working with actors. Discussing the roles, the intentions, the motivations. Watching people work together. There’s something of a rehearsal in the auditions. A whiff of it. And it’s intoxicating.

As to further castings, we’re absolutely still looking for talented Portland actors to fill a dozen roles for our upcoming pilot. That’s a process that’ll probably require combing the city. Every playhouse and agency. I’ve found casting to be a wonderful excuse to inundate myself with local theatre and the brilliant working actors in Oregon.

More more information on the Build a Ship Series, please visit the production’s home page. There you can read sides and submit a video audition if you’d like to be a part of it. Thanks.

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