Meetup: March 3rd 2014 – Breaking Down (A Screenplay)

Lawrence Events

Following the warm reception of last week’s workshop on breaking down a feature screenplay and an equity-sharing model for Indie Film. We will move a step further on our journey of shooting a feature in Portland. We’re going to discuss steps involved in pre-production. Initiating scouts, booking and the team that’s needed to pre-produce. Essentially, the part of producing that has less to do with shmoozing or networking and everything to do with research and reaching out to pull elements into a project and through that work we develop our networks of contacts.

If that wasn’t enough: Also premiering our plainly-worded, equity-sharing contract proposal for indie films. Constructive discussion on this point is encouraged before we give it to the lawyer to solidify. All contract templates will be made available through the Creative Commons license. Members should bring nothing except a passion for the unglamorous, collaborative part of filmmaking. Together, we will be creating a plan for how indie film will grow from a culture of contestants to a sustainable industry of startup entrepreneurs. It’ll be fun. All in one hour. Really. Merrymaking to follow. It is a bar after all. Newcomers may participate at whatever level you’d like. From just observing to jumping right in. You decide your level of involvement. Can’t wait to see you all there.

Slides from the Presentation